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At Immigration CR we are a firm specialized in providing personalized legal advice on different immigration matters and processes. Our great expertise in this area has enabled our clients to successfully finalize their applications.

We have a highly trained team of professionals dedicated to responding in the most compassionate and considerate way possible to the needs of our clients, following up on their cases and continuing hand in hand until a positive result is achieved.

Our mission is to be able to offer you a first class service. We are passionate about knowing your stories in depth in order to efficiently respond to your requirements; To do this, we offer you a wide catalog of services in which you can find:

  • Advice to regularize your legal stay in Costa Rica by obtaining residence, special category, and stay, as well as everything related to following-up on processes that may have already been started.
  • Registration of Companies before the Migration Directorate by COMEX Agreement (Ministry of Foreign Trade) in its different categories so that qualified companies can bring their foreign workers to the country.
  • We offer support to entrepreneurs who want to create a company in the country, advising them on all the management functions they must carry out for its correct operation and always following the corresponding legislation.
  • We are also a firm that provides all kinds of notarial procedures, whether for marriage, purchase of real estate, among others.
For further information on the different immigration options available for you in Costa Rica and the requirements to qualify for any of them, you may schedule a appointment with our firm.


The Costa Rican General Immigration Office (DGME) provides different migratory regularization options so that any foreign citizens who wish to lawfully live in the country may do so the right way and according to the option that best suits their needs.


ImmigrationCR has extensive experience in this field, which is why we offer a comprehensive strategic plan for the operation of your business, in accordance with local laws and ensuring that your company gets the most out of it.

Real Estate

When it comes to retaining our services, all of our clients can rest assured as we will protect their interests and provide certainty when closing any real estate transactions, achieving a fair outcome for all parties involved.


We provide our clients with peace of mind by assisting them to document their last will and testament when being fully physically and mentally capable, in accordance with local laws so that their last will is considered absolutely valid.

Contract drafting and review

The quality and excellence of our work allow us to provide the certainty you are looking for by providing you with a customized and detailed service when it comes to drafting and reviewing any contracts you need to set up.


The extensive experience of our notaries in the drafting of certifications will provide you with reassurance and certainty when carrying out your transactions.

Intellectual Property

The protection of your business is a critical part of our work, which is why we ensure that you have all you need to be shielded, ranging from copyright, patents, and trademark registration proceedings.


General Immigration Office

The Costa Rican General Immigration Office provides foreign individuals with a number of migratory options so that they can validly stay in the country. These may be granted according to the migratory categories and subcategories set forth in Act 8764 on Immigration and Foreigners and in the Regulations on Foreigners, as well as in the General Non-Resident Entry and Permanence Visa Guidelines.

Introducing the new digital platform Trámite ya

Since March 12, 2021, the General Immigration Office along with the company RACSA, made the new digital platform, Tramite Ya available for all their users. Through this platform any foreign individuals requiring to regularize their immigration status may carry out all their proceedings using this website.

General Updates and Migratory Challenges for 2023

Thanks to the program ‼️ Qué Legal ‼️ for inviting me to participate with the theme “General Updates and Migratory Challenges for 2023”.

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